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New COVID-19 HVAC Filters Installed at TCS

Facemasks, handwashing, social distancing, OH MY! While COVID-19 has introduced plenty of new challenges to all of our daily lives, here at TCS we’ve continued to do all that we can to ensure that our space is as safe and comfortable as possible.

We still need your help, but with an updated HVAC system thanks to the professionals over at A.G. O’Brien we’re certainly doing our part to help you breath easy when you come out to have a beer, meet up with friends, or play a round of golf.

As community spread continues to hamper efforts to fully eliminate COVID-19 in our city we’ve looked at how we, as a bar and a small business, can modify our space and our behaviors to remain open while respecting that social distancing and bars do not a good match make. Slowly, we’ve begun adding more in person events, and we’re working to ensure that our staff and patrons feel comfortable entering our facility and enjoying all that we have to offer.

Not convinced?

Our 7,000sq ft facility leaves plenty of room for your and yours to social distance, and we’ve upgrade our HVAC to include UVC virus-killing filters in our ducts as well as in-ceiling MERV 13/HEPA filters throughout our public spaces. We’ve done it so that we can say we’re doing all we can to eliminate any and all lingering small droplets and particles of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

We still need your help, though. Observing the 3Ws (as we call it) is just as important: wearing a mask, washing your hands, and watching your distance. So long as you’re feeling well and keeping these things in mind, we’re very excited to welcome you to TCS!

Have you been tested for COVID-19? There is a free saliva testing site operating at the DECC here in Duluth that you should make use of!

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