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The Caddy Shack has three state of the art HD Golf Simulators, each in their own private or semi-private sim bays. We accept walk-ins, but reservations (made in person, over the phone, or via online reservation system linked below) are always encouraged!

Bring your own clubs if you can, but if you are un-able don't worry just yet! We do have some options available for rent here.

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Bulk Sim Time Packages

Grab one of our simulator time packages* for a significant savings:

  • 5 hours for $225 ($45/hour)
  • 10 hours for $400 ($40/hour)
  • 20 hours for $700 ($35/hour)
  • 30 hours for $900 ($30hour)
  • 40 hours for $1000 ($25/hour)
  • 50 hours for $1150 ($23/hour)

How does it work? Stop by the bar and let your bartender or golf attendant know you're interested in purchasing one of our bulk hour packages. We'll ring you up, hand you your stamp card and you're free to be on your merry way! Call and make your tee-time as usual, and when you show up we just ask that you let us know you'll be using your stamp card hours for your tee-time!

Remember, your tee-time is paid for by the hour, so if you want to treat some buddies to an afternoon on our indoor HD driving range you're free to use your pre-paid hours! We recommend no more than 4 players for this sort of situation, though; typically one player takes about 55 minutes to clear 18 holes, so if your whole crew is looking to play you may eat through your package sooner than anticipated!

*Taxes are not included on the above listed pricing

Did you know.... Duluth has 178 days of sun, on average, but how many of those rays end up glistening on the snow?

Keep up your game by practicing at the Caddy Shack in those cold Winter months! With some time spent at The Caddy Shack, you can be sure that your game will be just as good - if not better - by the time you return to your favorite local course come Spring.

Simulator time - for all sim bays and suites - is booked by the hour, with discounts for pre-purchased sim-time packages! Pus, you'll have your own server while you're in the Sim Bays so you get the most out of your time without worrying about walking back and forth to the bar! Come one, come all, and split the cost of simulator time at the end of your visit.


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Pricing for Sim time is billed by the total play time of your reservation - it isn't a per person charge, but we can always split up your bill any way you like. Typically, 1 golfer can get through 9 holes in a half hour or 18 holes in an hour; 2 golfers can get through 9 holes in an hour, etc.

Just looking to drive or play some target-style games? Give us a call and we can help determine how much time would work best for you / your group!

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Our Laser Shot shooting simulator is great for groups of friends & family. Book some time, grab your firearm or a barstool and get going! As with our premier golf suite, our Laser Shot sim is tucked upstairs in a private simulator bay with plenty of room to sit or stand, plus:

  • REAL modified firearms retrofitted with lasers
  • Six different handguns
  • Two shotguns
  • One AR-15 Style rifle
  • 12+ target scenarios including 5-Stand, Mallard, Squirrel & Gopher hunts, and other tactical shooting practice

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Do you get Stage fright? Belt out your favorite songs away from the public in our private karaoke suite!

If you love singing karaoke but hate the crowds, we may have a solution! Our private karaoke suite can fit up to 12 people, and comes equipped with 2 mics for those tasty duets, and a full room LED laser display to keep you in that on-stage mindset!

Like our golf and shooting suites, our karaoke suite comes with your own server so you can stay locked in to the tunes. Our touch-screen karaoke system is loaded up with ad-free youtube karaoke, making it so almost any song, known or un-known, isn't off limits!


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Need a space for a banquet, work meeting, seminar, or something similar?

Our private banquet/meeting suite might be exactly what you are looking for! This 1000 square foot meeting space supplies you with plenty room as well as tables & chairs, a projector/screen, sound system, WiFi, and a microphone if needed!

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Having a work party, family reunion, or just have lots of friends?

Our freshly renovated upstairs party place can be mixed n' matched with any of the sims or suites seen above! Sadly, this option can't be booked online, but give us a call and we can figure out what combo would work best for you!


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